Wednesday, May 14, 2008

18 chunks

If you ever need an excuse (or 18) to venture outside on a cold, rainy day, here it is: Ruby & Violette is open again.

When the cookie café shuttered 14 months ago, I really thought they were gone for good. Instead, they've spiffed up their space and added ice cream and espresso to the menu.

But those upgrades pale in comparison to the variety and creativity of the 18 chocolate chunk cookie flavors currently available.

Yep. 18 flavors of chocolate chunk cookies. And by "chunks" I mean huge chunks Italian-imported chocolate.

The "perfect" (that is, pure chocolate chunk), oatmeal raisin and lemon white cookies are always on the list. The other flavors rotate according to season and whim. Which means Ruby & Violette actually churns out dozens of flavors.

What to try? The root beer float is pretty kickass. The champagne strawberry has a nice light flavor. And the marshmallow is a creamy, chocolaty, otherworldly cookie experience.

Next time, I'll try one of these:
Candy Jar
Berry Blueberry
Home Run
Peppermint Chip
White Irish
Oatmeal Butterscotch
Dried Strawberry
Espresso Bean

457 West 50th Street

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