Monday, May 19, 2008

Sweet Freak Smackdown: Buttercup v. Billy's

Is there anyone out there who isn’t over Magnolia? Thought so.

Though the original West Village bakery deserves props for being the first to sell the quaintness of old fashioned, sugary-sweet, precious as a princess cupcakes that send you into orbit, the backlash is no less deserved. Snarky employees, SATC tour-whores, and ridiculously long lines will kill anyone’s appetite.

So never mind Magnolia’s cupcakes. What of Buttercup and Billy’s, spawned by a founding partner and ex-employee, respectively?

Here, two very discerning palates pit the cupcakes, cake to cake, frosting to frosting.

Looks: Very pretty. The frosting is domed like a beehive, dotted with colored sprinkles.
Cake: J: "I knew without tasting that I wouldn't like this. It's too dense." Dry, too.
Frosting: The frosting is okay. A: "It's sort of chemical-y tasting."

Looks: A little messy, guys. Squat and flat. The frost job looks rushed.
Cake: On the dry side, but good. A: "The cake tastes real — like it's made with real ingredients."
Frosting: Creamy, buttery and light. J: "Their frosting kicks ass."

Billy's, by a long shot! The Buttercup creations are dense and dry, lacking discernable flavors. Billy's light and creamy frosting, on the other hand, elevates the whole cupcake to a sublimely sugary treat.


Le Disher said...

i used to live above buttercup and totally agree with the chocolate cake assessment. however, try the red velvet next time. you won't be disappointed!

Anonymous said...

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