Tuesday, May 27, 2008


I can’t even get over the deliciousness of Pichet Ong’s cupcakes at Batch. Just looking at these photos, you can tell these have “it.” They’re home-baked. Use real ingredients. Are carefully considered. And generously constructed.

The carrot & salted caramel is creamy and savory with carrot shreds in the batter and salt flakes on the frosting. The strawberry rhubarb combines bright, fruity flavors that pop and dance all over the palette. I love the unexpected filling — not like a massive dollop of sweet frosting, but just a simple complement to the cake and frosting. Genius.

And they're expertly crafted. The baker takes the time to frost these as they should be frosted: with a heavy hand and an eye for detail.

While the carrot cupcake made Ong's Top 5 must-eat list, the strawberry did not. Here are his picks:

1) Chocolate chip cookie

2) Chocolate dragon devil’s food cupcake

3) Ovaltine pudding

4) Pasionfruit rice pudding

5) Carrot & salted caramel cupcake

150B West 10th Street


Christie @ fig & cherry said...

Oooh, hidden treasures... How on earth did a cupcake just get even better? Yum!

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