Saturday, May 24, 2008

In or out?

What can I say? I’m on a cupcake kick.

This one I’ll blame on Julie. “I’m a Duncan Hines kind of girl,” she confessed the other night when we were taste-testing. I couldn’t agree more. So when I found myself on Hudson Street, I couldn’t resist the magnetic pull of Out of the Kitchen. They have the gooiest Duncan Hines-like cupcakes — the perfect antidote to pastel sugary varietal.

One chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, and one yellow cake with chocolate frosting later, and I can’t decide which is better. The yellow cake is moister. But the vanilla frosting is sweeter. I could always get vanilla frosting on yellow cake, but then again, I can’t. I just can’t break from the chocolate/vanilla combo. Ultimately, I think the cake is just the vehicle for this frosting so it’s always good to get both.

420 Hudson Street


julie jams said...

Yum! I can always go for a cupcake.

Maggie said...

I'm definately a yellow cake chocolate frosting person.