Friday, May 16, 2008

Cupcakes never get old

If ever there were a local cupcake aficionado, it would be Rachel Kramer Bussel, co-founder of the omigod-amazing Cupcakes Take the Cake blog. What are her top five NYC picks?

1) Sugar Sweet Sunshine: Have loved them from the moment they opened. Such a cozy, wonderful neighborhood bakery. Delicious cupcakes - simple but perfect. Their vanilla/vanilla sunshine cupcake as well as red velvet stand out, but my very favorite is their occasional (I had them at Christmastime) peppermint frosting. Wow! And shhh...sometimes I indulge in their coffee cake. Also try the chocolate bomb (chocolate cake mixed into pudding) - to die for!

2) Kumquat Cupcakery: The best mini cupcakes! They are the perfect size, really creative flavors (omg the peanut butter chocolate!) and are just so cute. Keavy sells these at two Brooklyn flea markets and at Newsbar on University.

3) Little Cupcake: Way out in Bay Ridge but such fabulous flavors. Go there hungry. Really. Coconut cloud is outstanding.

4) Martha's Country Bakery: Like Little Cupcake, a great space, huge variety of cupcakes, quite delicious.

5) Tribeca Treats: These cupcakes are smaller and a bit more nuanced. The flavors are very specific and intense in a good way.

You going to argue with any of that?

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