Friday, November 21, 2008

Back for sevenths… and eighths

I was kept away from my new favorite cookie... a weeklong business trip (but, while in Toronto, I discovered one of the best chocolatiers ever).

I wasted no time returning to Momofuku this morning. After all, I hadn't sampled the banana cookie yet. (Nor the corn, but I'm saving that for another week.)

Who needs yogurt when you can have warm banana cookies for breakfast?

True to form, the cookie was monstrous, full of flavor, slightly undercooked, and it was oozing butter, leaving a slick residue on my fingertips.

I do love to gush about sweets, but I also have some gripes about the new bakery.

I hate to be one of those bloggers but since they seem to have been taking constructive criticism to heart (they've rearranged the interior layout and, instead of using multiple napkins and paper bags, they're using sanitary gloves and enviro-friendly whopper containers), I've gotta say: their process needs serious attention.

When there are 5 people behind the counter, and 3 people in line, at 9 o'clock in the morning, it shouldn't take 5 minutes to get 2 cookies. It just shouldn't.

But was it worth it? You betcha.

13th and 2nd


Anonymous said...

I agree! I have been twice now, and I like a lot of stuff, but others weren't so great. My favorites so far were the banana cookie, dulce de leche cake and the blueberry cream cookie. I really did not like the corn cookie or the strawberry milk - both were surprisingly sweet and lacked real flavor. I don't have to love everything at a bakery so I don't mind these items, but the real problem is the serving process (or lack thereof). The cashier is outrageously slow and doesn't seem to care at all. It takes (no exaggeration) at least 5 minutes to slice and bag one piece of pie. Insane! Try pre-slicing the pie :) I hope they work that out soon.

Before Sunrise said...

I will have to go there, it seems! Which would you say is your favourite so far, sweet freak?

Sweet Freak said...

I totally agree, Anon... let's hope they're learning and refining their process.

Before Sunrise, it's all about the marshmallow cornflake cookie. The blueberry cream is a close second. And I also loved the snickerdoodle.

Then again, I haven't had any of the pie or cake yet, so I may have a new favorite soon...

If/when you go, try to get there early in the day to avoid lines!