Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Chicks who bake

Don’t believe vegan baked goods can taste good? Get one of these cupcakes in your mouth.

Usually I'm skeptical of bakers who don't have storefronts. But I sampled some of Jen Houston and Charley Tucker's (of This Chick Bakes) treats, which are distributed to kickass cafes throughout the city, and my belly and I were happy.

The vegan cupcake was fresh-from-a-bake-sale moist and delicious (not soggy), with just a thin layer of frosting with crunchy dot sprinkles.

The raisin coconut oatmeal cookie (not vegan) was a cinnamon-y cookie, filled with chewy raisins, coconut shavings and chunks of semi-sweet chocolate. It was sort of like an "everything but the kitchen sink" cookie. Dee-lish.

And the café latte cookie was pretty mild and savory. Except that giant coverage of white chocolate that sweetened it up.

This chick bakes. And she bakes well.

Check out 71 Irving, Joe's, Gimme Coffee & 88 Orchard

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