Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dessert Blitz: Strawberry & Pistachio Saint-Honoré

In one month’s time, I will be back in New York. I, of course, have mixed feelings about this. But one thing is for sure: I have a lot of sweets to get through. Today…

Laduree’s Saint-Honoré.

Two different kinds of pastry, two different kinds of cream, and two different flavors: pistachio and strawberry.

Imagine the lightest confectioner’s custard and Chantilly cream, flavored with pistachio, paired with a fresh strawberry stew and enclosed in light, flaky puff pastry. A little cloud of heaven.

Tell me if there’s anything you want to sample vicariously through me… it would be a honor. And my pleasure.


Frances said...

Thank you for allowing me to truly imagine how delicious this pasty must be!

(You may already be aware that there is an article in today's New York Times' Travel Section entitled, "36 Hours Paris")

Surely you could share many ideas with its author?

Best wishes.

Les rêves d'une boulangère (Brittany) said...

Very inspirational! I'd love to bake/eat something this beautiful.

"All things French" said...

Wow!! now I would say this is the ~creme de la creme~ definitely a little cloud of heaven.
Joyeux Noel et Bonne Annee !!
& Thank you for all our lovely treats ~ I look forward to many more in 2011

veggietestkitchen said...

this was the star of the LV video you posted a while back. ever since, i've kind of been hoping you'd show one. I've never seen them otherwise. how do you have the stamina to eat these treats day in and day out? what do the rest of your meals look like?

Karin (an alien parisienne) said...

Oh. My. God. That is such a SEXY pastry!! ;-)

How are those trousers fitting, chica? Are you holding up all right with all the sweetie eating? :)

KEEP GOING. It's glorious!

Sweet Freak said...

Frances, I missed the article - sheesh! Thanks for the heads up.

VTK, good memory! Double sheesh... even I had forgotten that lovely little ode.

Karin, no comment. Elastic waistbands are imminent!

Brittany & Dianne, I hope the holiday season is treating you to some choux-filled heaven.