Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Chocolate chip cookie hunting

After my dalliances with Momofuku’s day old cookies, Max Brenner’s double-chocolate chip cookie, and my own mom’s white chocolate chip and macadamia cookies, I figured why stop now? Might as well cram as many chocolate chip cookies as I can in my maw while I’m here in New York as I can. God knows, there’s a sweets shortage in Paris.

So it was that I found myself giving into the big, buttery chocolate chunk with walnut cookie at Dishes in Grand Central Station.

I’ve always loved Dishes’ savory salads. But I had never seen their arresting cookie selection. They have chocolate chunk cookies, with or without walnuts. There’s a classic oatmeal raisin, along with an oatmeal-hazelnut-chocolate chunk cookie (next time…). The gluten-free dark chocolate cookie also seemed a delicious option. But I thought a nice chocolate chunk with nuts would hit the spot.

In the grand scheme of chocolate chip cookies, this one would never move the earth but it was decent. It tasted similar to the Tollhouse recipe, and the walnuts—though I’m not usually a nuts in my baked goods kind of girl—were especially delicious. It could have used a minute or two less baking in the oven to give it extra doughiness.

Then again, I could have done with a half a cookie less—especially if I’m going to keep up this pace.

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