Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dreamy pastries

La Patisserie des Reves really is the stuff you dream about.

Philippe Conticini’s new patisserie opened while I was in New York (eating cookies), and it’s rich, gorgeous, inviting, exquisite and inspiring—it’s Willy Wonka meets Cartier, and surely going to become the city’s next sweet addiction (or at least mine).

The cakes are magic, and, under the glass domes, it’s as fun picking the perfect treat as it is window shopping in Place Vendome.

Some are classics, like the lemon meringue, apple crumble and tarte tatin.

Some are clearly the work of a pastry master—they are divine inspiration. The chocolate éclairs and Saint-Honoré are like none other you’ll find in the city.

There are also viennoiseries—chausson aux pommes, brioche, financiers—for more modest pleasures.

With exquisite cakes like these, Pierre Hermé, watch your back!

93 rue de Bac


MrsLavendula said...

these pastries look too beautiful to eat...then again i don't think i could stop myself from tasting them if they were right in front of me!

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

Anonymous said...

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