Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Double chocolate is double joy

When one of your favorite pastry chefs insists that you try a cookie, you try a cookie. That’s how I found myself with a 10-ounce “very dark and full of chocolate chunks” cookie from Max Brenner in my hand.

Pichet Ong, pastry chef of the once-was, soon-to-be-again delicious bakery Batch, is currently revamping the dessert menu for the international chocolate chain. After a much-too-healthy lunch together, he kept insisting that I try a dessert. I was honestly stuffed and kept demurely declining, but on the way out, I was finally persuaded (Shocking, I know). I opted the double chocolate chip cookie, and it was nothing short of heaven.

It was as rich and chocolaty as you’d expect. But the texture—at turns melty and crunchy—was better than I ever could have hoped for. Lots of chocolate chunks, indeed.

Luckily I had Alex’s help to power through this beast. It’s a beautiful cookie, but a bit much for one belly, no matter how well versed in rich chocolate it is.


Jessica "Su Good Sweets" said...

I can't wait to try this. I like the idea of Max Brenner but haven't been impressed by their desserts yet.

Ann Mah said...

Oh, I love chocolate chip-chocolate cookies -- why doesn't the world have more of those? I've walked by Max Brenner many times in the East Village... Now I know what I'm missing.

P.S. I tagged you on my blog... hope you'll have a chance to join in the game of "blue tag!"