Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Momofuku day-olders

Are we really that insatiable that we eat up every last cookie, cupcake and fudge brownie that a bakery pulls from the oven every day? Even with my own bottomless stomach, I doubt it.

So what do they do with all of those buttery, sugary, eggy baked goods? At Momofuku, I was thrilled to see them pawning a big bowl of day-old cookies, individually wrapped in cellophane baggies and selling for just 85¢ each.

It immediately pushed me into that psychotic bargain mentality where the only thing that mattered was taking advantage of a good deal. Did I need four cookies? No. Did my butt? Hell, no. But did I buy four? Yes. Because four ginorous, butter-laden baked goods for less than $4 was just too good to pass up. I had to have them.

Ostensibly, two were for Bennie (blueberry and cream and the compost) and two were for me (same flavors). But Bennie only wanted one. Which left me with three.

What’s a Sweet Freak to do? It’s been six looooong months without a Momofuku cookie—not that I’ve been hurting for sweets. But I sure was eager for my first hit of Momofuku.
It probably wasn’t the wisest choice to break the drought with day-olders. Bennie and I agreed that you can taste a difference. Not so much in the flavor, but in the texture. They’re predictably harder and less melt-in-your-mouth buttery.

And yet, they’re still delicious. Heavy, dense, chockfull of butter and other naughty bits, to me, they’re true New York icons.

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MrsLavendula said...

"Heavy, dense, chockfull of butter and other naughty bits"...that gets me craving for a cookie (or two! hahaha!)