Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I went in for the brownies

I mean, how could I pass them up after seeing this sign on the door of City Girl Café?

But I surprised myself; I didn’t get a “homemad” Valrhona brownie, even though they looked so fudgy and decadent and insanely delicious.

Because I saw the peanut butter balls.

Peanut butter balls?? “They’re like peanut butter cups, only more delectable,” the thoughtful barista told me. Sold. I plunked down my $2.50 for this seemingly small morsel of thick, gritty peanut butter covered in dark chocolate and bits of peanut. It was the snack that kept on giving: bite after bite of rich, savory, stick-to-your-molars chocolaty goodness.

Next time, I have to try the in-demand brownies. But the peanut butter balls will be hard to pass up.

63 Thompson Street b/w Spring and Broome


Liz said...

I just want to know that as a budding pastry chef and dessert wacko I LOVE your blog, which has not only guided me through the city but has inspired me to save up some money for Paris as well! I commented on this post in particular because when I got the peanut butter ball my picture of it looked almost exactly the same-heh. Keep writing!

Sweet Freak said...

Thanks, Liz! I will definitely keep sampling and writing, and you keep saving for Paris! It will fill you with immeasurable inspiration, for your pastry career and beyond. Thanks for reading!