Saturday, September 06, 2008

Jammies and chippers

Seriously. What did we do before these mobile bakeries rolled into town? They dispense childish thrills (like playing Wii or watching Step Brothers) as keenly as heavenly snacks.

Kim Ima’s Treats Truck (named Sugar) is no exception. The shiny silver bullet is a beacon of happiness in midtown’s choked streets, serving up freshly baked cookies, brownies, bars and rice crispy treats. I stood in a line that was at least 15 deep (only two men, but who’s counting?) for my share of sugar.

I tried three sweets from the arsenal, an apricot oatmeal jammy being my favorite. It was chewy, and the oatmeal cookie had a nice nutty flavor that was perfectly complemented by the beautiful, zingy apricot preserves spread on top. Nicely sized, too.

The raspberry brownie was another excellent flavor pairing. (Is there anyone who doesn’t love that combo?) The raspberry jam was a little strong and sweet, but the brownie part was stellar: rich, chewy and chocolaty.

The chocolate chip cookie, “chocolate chipper” in Treats Truck Speak, was solid. It’s tough to beat some of Manhattan’s heavyweights, but this is a good cookie. Or, as the Treats Truck itself proclaims, “Not too fancy, always delicious.”

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