Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sampling madeleines

When I fall for something, I fall hard. (I'm a Scorpio: fiercely loyal.)

So after my first Petrossian experience, I was smitten and immediately a fan of the place.

Even the building that houses Petrossian is gorgeous. It's really a sight to see.

So I'm willing to overlook a gaffe or two.

In full disclosure, I’m not a madeleine fanatic. But I've had better than the cranberry and chocolate varieties I sampled.

The lemon and tart cranberry flavors popped nicely. But the pastry was too moist and greasy. Can't it be fluffy without so much oil?

For some reason, the chocolate worked. Rather than borderline soggy, the density of the cake was lighter and airier. Not unlike Lady M's petit chocolat.

I have my eye and mind on other Petrossian treats. Redemption can only be a bite away.

911 Seventh Ave between 57 & 58

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