Monday, September 15, 2008

Sweet hangover

I should go to Vermont more often. As spoiled as we are with food in NYC, I put my feedbag on this weekend for a friend’s wedding in “The Northeast Kingdom.” I am still reeling from the sweets.

Friday, Bennie and I touched down in Burlington. That involved a most amazing brunch at Penny Cluse, complete with zucchini bread French toast (you heard me), covered in a honey ricotta and orange zest. Uh-mazing.

At the rehearsal dinner later that night, I tried all three kinds of pie that were offered: three-berry pie with that delicious crumbly top; pecan pie, which was sweet, savory and crunchy; and good old apple pie, undoubtedly made with apples from the local farms, which were crisp, juicy and tart (I had a couple of those too).

We also made s’mores.

On Saturday, I experienced a first: I eschewed chocolate ganache cake when offered to me. But only because the wedding cake was pumpkin with cream cheese frosting. Seriously, it was the most sublime thing in the world. There weren’t nuts in it, like carrot cake often has, but it had a similarly hearty flavor. Perfectly moist, springy cake, and incredibly creamy-smooth frosting. I would have had a third slice if the only the other guests hadn’t hogged it.

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