Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It took me nearly four years to get there, but I finally made it to Lady M.

It's pure UES: rich and chichi, and filled with delightfully expensive and delicious bits. When you take a seat in the clean, white boutique, you're served from silver trays. It's fussy but fabulous. I likey.

Naturally I had to try the signature Mille Crepes cake. It's 20 crepes sandwiched with vanilla custard and topped with caramelized sugar. With the sticky-chewy texture of the layered crepes and the soft custard that rolls around your mouth, it's great fun to eat.

In addition to exquisite cakes, Lady M has some smaller pastries and snacks. Like the Nutty Boat (what a nutty name — I love it!).

I'm not usually a nuts-in-my-dessert person, but this little number is good. A caramel shortbread makes the boat, and it's filled with hazelnuts, almonds, pine nuts and walnuts.

The Petit Chocolat is just that: a little button of chocolaty heaven. It's light and refined, not too dense or rich. Spongy. Not crumbly.

Lady M. Definitely Upper East Side all the way.

41 East 78th Street at Madison

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