Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Where's the peanut butter?

The thing about a sandwich cookie is that it's a sandwich. Which means there should be some filling.

I was suckered into buying an oatmeal cream'wich at 'wichcraft — the flavors were too good to pass up (and mark my words: sandwich cookies are going to be the new cupcakes).

As I waited for my toasted PB&J sandwich, I tackled the cookie. Being a sandwich, naturally I broke it apart like an Oreo.

What I saw didn't please me. Because I didn't see much.

So I complained that they were a bit chintzy with the filling.

I think the gal behind the counter didn't know if I was serious until she looked at my face. But then she graciously responded and obliged me with a big squirt from the pastry bag.

Which made for an interesting sandwich cookie.

In the end, I actually liked the cookie part better than the filling.


your mom said...

Hilarious!! I love the play by play. And I do love that cookie. Its like a homemade, non-hydrogenated version of the Girl Scouts Do-Si-Do Cookie. Freaking delicious. Or at least when the frosting-to-cookie ratio is accurate and the filling has had time to set, this holds true.

Sweet Freak said...

Yes, exactly! And good call on the Do-Si-Do reference!