Saturday, February 07, 2009

The curious case of the shrinking cupcake

It used to be that Amy's cupcakes were so big, you couldn't fit your mouth around one of them. This was good for gluttonous instincts (guilty). But not so good if you were trying to show a little dignity while chowing down.

But look at this: Amy's cupcakes are now much smaller. In fact, they barely peep out of their liners.

The spendthrift part of me found this disappointing at first. Like I was getting gypped. But the reality is, we don't need softball-sized cupcakes. If Amy can help us with portion control, it's something our dignity and our butts should thank her for. Besides, the uber-moist cake and light buttercream frosting are still divine. Not too sweet. And now, just the right size.

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Violette Crumble said...

I hope they don't cost more than $1.50 then! I'm all for cupcakes being the perfect size, but some of those prices are just crazy. There used to a bakery on 7th (or maybe it was 8th) ave. in the West Village that had slices of cake for something like $5 each. And this, with Magnolia around the corner. Needless to say they are out of business...