Wednesday, February 18, 2009

In the chocolate and cheese aisles

After chocolate, cheese is one of my deepest loves. So a trip to Murray's is almost as sacred as a trip to Bespoke, Kee's or Teuscher.

As smitten as I usually am by the cheese (drunken goat, robioloa, manchego), this time I couldn't peel myself from the sweets shelves.

Knipschildt, Vere, Scharffen Berger… all oh-so tempting. But my two favorite finds:

Pralus Crème de Noisette (a better version of Nutella), brilliantly packaged in a squeezable tube. The better to squirt a little on toast, in batter, or directly in the mouth.

And Murray's own Ring Ding. Just check out that copy! Some of my favorite words: stuffed, tucked, luscious and fudgy. They make me very happy.

254 Bleecker between Sixth and Seventh Aves


Jessica "Su Good Sweets" said...

Oh my goodness. Must get Pralus choc hazelnut spread. I've been looking for fancy "Nutella," and Pralus is one of my favorite brands.

Anonymous said...

I am also a cheese person, but chocolate hazelnut spread in a convenient I would have stopped en route to the Bucheron myself. Did you try the Pralus-in-a-tube?