Monday, February 02, 2009

V-Day countdown: Vere

I love that a gazillion different studies have proven dark chocolate's health benefits (lower blood pressure, improved blood flow, reduced cholesterol levels, etc., etc.). And that a company like Vere (started by Kathy Moskal, who, back in the day co-founded Hue tights, ladies) espouses health and deliciousness.

A few things to note about their chocolate:

• It's 70% and 75% cacao content chocolate made from single varietal heirloom "flavor beans".

• Chocolate bars are USDA Certified Organic.

• There are no artificial preservatives, additives, chemicals or sugar.

And, all of this good stuff is being wrapped into their special Valentine's chocolates. Check out their solid hearts in three amazing flavors: raspberry, coconut and fig & fennel. Yes, please!

12 West 27th Street between 6th Avenue and Broadway, 6th Floor

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