Sunday, February 08, 2009

V-Day countdown: Roni-Sue

Rhonda Kave has been dreaming up wonderful homemade truffle flavors on the Lower East Side for a couple years now, and she has a seemingly infinite supply of creativity. And good taste.

Last year for Valentine's, she created red and white rose truffles. At their centers, they both have a beautifully blended ganache of rose liqueur, fresh-dried rose petals, rose-hip marmalade, rose petal jam and rose syrup. The ganache for the red rose truffles is made with dark chocolate, while the white rose uses, you guessed it, white chocolate. Buy a dozen of either (they're both wonderfully sweet), and $5 goes to the Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

Essex Street Market, Essex Street at Delancey


Violette Crumble said...

Yay! Her daughter is a friend of mine & was kind enough to bring a butt load of these tasties to my apt. one day.

Am I the biggest Sweet Freak fan or what?

Sweet Freak said...

You are awesome, Violette Crumble! Thanks for being a Sweet Freak fan, and a true Sweet Freak!