Friday, February 20, 2009

It's (ahem) a banana cookie

I always walk by Something Sweet and am drawn to the window by the M&M cookies and fondant-frosted cakes. And yet I know I will not get something better than, say, the cornflake marshmallow chocolate chip cookie at nearby Momofuku or a beautiful chocolate buttercream cupcake from Butter Lane. So I was happy to try something totally unique to this old-school bakery: the homemade banana cookie.

It's pretty basic: a ripe banana resting on a thick biscuit cookie and topped with semi-sweet chocolate. It looks laughably obscene.

But it's tasty. Truth be told, the cookie lends a nice crunchy texture but doesn't improve upon the perfect pairing of chocolate and banana. I'm such a sucker for that combo that, after a few bites, I just removed the biscuit altogether and ate the banana with the rich, frozen chocolate.

177 First Avenue at 11th Street

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