Monday, February 16, 2009

The mixing bowl: Katherine Thompson

Katherine Thompson is a lucky woman. Not only is she married to dell'anima and L'Artusi executive chef Gabe Thompson, she's the pastry chef for both of these divine restaurants. She clearly has a privileged palate and shares her love for coconut, cream, olive oil cake and more.

Growing up, my favorite sweet was:
Growing up my mom's friend was a pastry chef and made the most amazing thick, dark and dense chocolate pate. I was obsessed with it. I've tried to recreate it, but my versions don't do it justice.

My favorite sweet now is:
Banana split at Blue Ribbon. No frills. Exactly as it should be.

Favorite dessert:
The olive oil cake at L'Artusi. Gabe convinced me to put it on the menu. At first no one ordered it, and then it took off. It is simple and tasty too.

Favorite thing about the West Village:
The people that live in the neighborhood. Gabe and I have met so many wonderful people here that have welcomed us into their lives. It feels like home here.

Truffles or pralines:
Pralines. Love the crunch.

White, milk or dark:
Dark with lots of salt.

Caramel, ganache or cream:
Love them all. Cream is probably my favorite. I love the contrast of unsweetened whipped cream with a sweet dessert.

The perfect pairing:
Sour cream coffee cake with coffee.

I'd love to create new flavors for:
Coconut. After hating coconut for my entire life, I realized that I now am completely obsessed with coconut. I can't get enough.

Kitchen essentials:
My sous chef, Jenny Lee. She rocks!

Style essentials:
Keep it simple.

Pastry chefs I admire:
Tai Chopping. She taught me everything.

I'm most inspired when:
My mom and I talk about food. She is a pastry chef too and always has good ideas.

How much is too much?
Sugar can be overdone. I'm not a fan of overly sweet desserts.

Favorite movie snack:
Popcorn with tons of fake butter and M&M's mixed into the bag.

Guilty pleasure:
Freshly spun ice cream or gelato. There is nothing better.

Other favorites:
Celebrity gossip


Miranda said...

Great site...I need to learn to take pics like that...

Erica said...

currently obsessed with the olive oil cake!